Is Etizolam addictive and Why is Etizolam abused

Is Etizolam addictive?

It is normal for the daily hustles to take a toll on people, making anxiety disorders a common occurrence. Etizolam remains the best drug available to deal with insomnia, depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders but its illegality discourages many people from taking the drug. Due to the withdrawal anxiety associated with the drug, Etizolam has been dismissed as addictive. However, people forget that it is just like any other drug and this does not make the drug harmful since extreme dependence on any drug could cause addiction. For instance, some patients become addicted to legally available painkillers such as Oxycontin, and they end up experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, when you abruptly cease any medication, you could encounter some withdrawal symptoms.

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How addictive is Etizolam

Etizolam is only addictive when abused since it is a substance and just like other substances it has the potential for abuse. Anyone who regularly uses Etizolam may develop some addiction to the drug and may become physically dependent. Nonetheless, compared to Xanax, Etizolam is less addictive, but this should not be an excuse for Etizolam abuse.

Etizolam abuse

From the vast information available in the internet and the media, most people know the dangers of abusing Xanax, Valium and other benzodiazepine medications. Many individuals also know the action they should take when they suspect that someone close to them; a friend or a family member is abusing the medication. However, this is not the same for Etizolam since due to its illegality it is not regulated by the government, and it is a main topic of focus in articles discussing the abuse of prescription drugs. Consequently, many people see this as a green light for abusing Etizolam since it seems harmless. They realize that the drug is quite powerful when it is too late as they deal with the adverse effects of Etizolam abuse.

Why is Etizolam abused?

Any substance that gives you peace of mind is prone to abuse. In this light, Etizolam is abused for its calming effects especially among those who feel overwhelmed as they go about their day to day activities and those who are constantly anxious and phobic. It is difficult for some to switch off their mind at night and get some sleep. They relentlessly turn and toss in bed all night instead of drifting to sleep, allowing the body to rest. Such people suffer from insomnia, and they purchase the drug to alleviate the disorder, but they could later begin abusing it.

Why is Etizolam addictive?

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Etizolam is addictive because it influences the brain. When you take the drug regularly, the brain adjusts and responds. In the beginning, a small dose may seem effective but after some time, the brain adapts, and the dose may not yield any effect. This prompts users to increase the dosage to boost the calming effect and for them to fall asleep faster but the trend continues, and within no time, they are taking even five pills. The brain cells get used to Etizolam, and after some time, they cannot function without the drug. Users eventually become dependent on the drug and to feel normal they must take it. When they fail to take the drug, they experience some withdrawal symptoms.

Nonetheless, the extensiveness of the addiction, dependence, and the time it takes for users to grow some dependency or addiction to Etizolam varies from person to person. Users, who take high doses regularly, for a long time, are more likely to experience higher dependency than those who take small doses regularly. In addition, those who use Etizolam in conjunction with other substances such as alcohol are more likely to exhibit higher dependency levels on both Etizolam and alcohol. Dependence and addiction levels are also influenced by health and mental conditions, genetic factors, and family history.

Etizolam abuse is depicted through drastic mood changes and erratic behavior due to intoxication. The user may have disrupted sleeping patterns, and they may neglect basic obligations of taking care of themselves such as showering. Weight loss is also a significant indicator of Etizolam abuse, and the user withdraws socially, becoming more secretive, and they may refrain from participating in activities they enjoy. Those in school may record poor grades, and those at work may highlight poor production levels. At work, or in school, the user may start recording unexplained absences, and they may disregard their day to day obligations such as doing their assignments.

Is Etizolam addictive?

Withdrawal of Etizolam

When the brain is dependent on Etizolam, and the user abruptly stops taking the drug, he or she may encounter a rebound effect. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, phobia, and agitation that the drug previously inhibited may resurface in full force. The user may also experience seizures, muscle tremors, and hallucinations.

Besides the physical and psychological effects, users also feel a deep yearning for Etizolam, and the drug ends up being the only thing the body needs to work normally. Users may depict cravings where they deeply want the drug whenever they feel some emotions such as happiness or sadness.

The cravings are a serious issue, and anyone who has not dealt with addiction before may not understand. Cravings originate from the mind, and they are difficult to ignore, and users end up being overwhelmed with the need to take the drug. The problem can only be treated through therapy programs, but if they do not get such programs, Etizolam addicts may not get better.

Recovery of Etizolam addiction

Most people who abuse Etizolam do not see it as a problem since they take it to be a solution to their problems. Even though they are addicted and dependent on the drug, they do not understand why they should abandon a drug that gives them peace of mind, making them feel calm and sleep soundly. This could be denial or indifference since the person could change but decides to ignore the reason for the change.

If you have a loved one who is addicted to Etizolam, you could help them by openly discussing the issue with them, advising them to see a doctor for guidance. Addicts may acknowledge their abuse when they talk to medical professionals, and they may undertake treatment programs that will help them entirely fight the cravings. Nonetheless, in some cases, it may not be easy to convince addicts of the problem, and mere talk may not work. In such cases, interventions could work where you outline the symptoms of Etizolam abuse that you have observed and you advise the person to enroll in a program for help.

Recovery should begin with stabilizing the user’s both emotional and physical state in preparation for treatment that constitutes cognitive behavioral therapy that looks into the user’s motivations for abusing Etizolam. Through the therapy program, users can come up with a plan to prevent relapse. Since Etizolam is mainly used for calmness and relaxation, users also learn how to manage their stress, preparing them for long-term recovery. Addicts may receive therapy individually or in groups. They could also alternate between individual and group therapy sessions. Through the therapy sessions, users will learn what triggers them and how to avoid and manage the triggers without necessarily using substances to distract them or alter their minds.

Etizolam addicts may not recover in the absence of family support. They need family and friends to encourage them and motivate them. Friends and family members may attend the therapy sessions or assist the person at home, to make sure they are directly involved with the recovery. Those in recovery programs can also use social support groups for inspiration and support through their recovery journey. They may nurture new friendships with others in the recovery program; those who understand what they are going through; for long-term support.

To ensure, long-term recovery, it may not be enough to stop at a thirty-day withdrawal management program. Attending a treatment program does not guarantee recovery. Addicts have to take the treatment seriously, and they should invest a lot of time in the therapy programs since the outcome depends on the time spent in treatment. Those who take treatment for a longer period tend to yield better results. Undertaking treatment even after years of abstinence from Etizolam is important. Most of the proceeding treatment includes attending social support programs and seeing a therapist.

Final take on Etizolam abuse

Although Etizolam abuse is common, and the effects are adverse, the good news is that it is avoidable. As a general rule, Etizolam should be taken in the right dosage. If you skip a dose take the moment you remember, but if this coincides with the next dose miss the skipped dose instead of doubling the dose. In future, try as much as possible not to miss any dose since the treatment highly depends on the timing and quantity. Cases of overdose should be immediately reported to the doctor since the symptoms could be severe especially if the user has no prescription or is a child. Reduced heartbeat rate, slower breathing rate, fainting and severe drowsiness are some of the signs of overdose.

Like any other medication, Etizolam dosage depends on the user’s body weight, size, health conditions and medication. Therefore, it is advisable to seek medical advice before taking the drug, and you should follow up with the doctor all through the medication as he or she is likely to modify the dose as the treatment progresses. Whenever there are changes in quantity and timing of the dosage, you are likely to experience some side effects, but they may be nothing to worry about. If you need to stop the dosage, you should do it gradually over time to prevent the withdrawal effects.

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