Etizolam And its Effects When Mixed With Alcohol

Etizolam is an anxiety medication which is only legal for prescription in three specific countries, which include India, Italy, and Japan. Under the microscope, the chemical structure is similar to benzodiazepines and is available for purchase from a number of different black market locations in both in North America and European countries. Not only is this a drug highly concentrated and very potent, but it is also highly addictive. When mixing alcohol and etizolam, a user is experimenting with a very dangerous and risky combination.

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What is its intended use?

In the few countries that it is legal for prescription usage, it is prescribed by doctors for treatments regarding anxiety and sleep disorder. It is similar to Valium and Xanax in that it is also very dangerous to mix with alcohol. If the drug is being used in an abusive scenario, it can easily lead to addictive characteristics overdose and even death.

  • When mixing with alcoholic beverages and cocktails, these risk can and will become significantly greater. The risk for accidents and emergencies regarding this substance have been commonly associated with alcohol in the past.
  • Although the drug remains illegal in the US and Europe, many are still purchasing this from illegal sources and dangerously mixing it with alcoholic beverages. Even though it posses a multitude of risk factors, Etizolam has not been included within the controlled substance act.

What Do Users Have To Worry About?

There are a number of reported side effects from using this substance that have affected users negatively.

  • People who have been prescribed this substance in legal countries have experienced headaches, confusion, depression, and sedation.
  • They have also reported feeling their muscles become weak, impaired coordination skills, and even loss of consciousness.
  • In the United States, any use of this drug is categorized as abuse, as it is not legal for any prescription or medical purpose. Many speculate that this is due to its wide range of negative side effects, along with Little research into its benefits (that is if there are any benefits of the substance).

What Happens When You Mix?

* Alcohol Alone

One great danger Etizolam poses to users is the fact that alcohol is very readily available on the market for citizens of America and is largely accepted. Although many social drinkers may not show any risk from simply consuming alcohol, mixing cocktails with Etizolam can pose a number of great problems to their health. Alcohol alone is a toxin by nature and is known to have negative effects on both your mind and your physiology. These effects can be seen during use and also in people who have been using alcohol for many years.

  • Using alcohol can cause many disruptions in the functionality of your mind, which assist in managing both your behavior and mood.
  • It is also widely known to have many hazardous effects on the health of your liver, especially when abused and consumed consistently for a period of time.
  • Medical advisers have also solidified that alcohol can cause irregular heartbeat while also causing intensified blood pressure whenever someone chooses to consume it.
  • It is also a known agent for negatively affecting your immune system, causing many people who regularly consume alcoholic beverages to more easily experience a variety of sicknesses and illnesses.
  • Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is known to inhibit a person’s brain of clear thinking, manage its behavior and mood, and have the motor skills and coordination to properly operate a motor vehicle.

Alcohol with Etizolam

*The Combination

Many individuals and alcohol users make the mistake of assuming that the substance is safe for use entirely and can be mixed with other substances because it is a legal product. However, just like tobacco and cigarette Products, alcohol is legal but is known to have many undesired effects.

  • Since Etizolam has now become a commonly abused illegal drug in the United States; Health problems, risk, and fatalities associated with the mixing it with alcohol have become more and more common.
  • Because the substance is illegal, there is little research and information regarding its harmful effects when being mixed with or taken side-by-side alcohol.
  • When mixing alcohol with Etizolam, one finds that it can greatly intensify the effects of both the alcohol and the substance. This being said, with just a couple of alcoholic beverages, a user will feel heavily intensified effects that can be dangerous and disassociative.
  • While most people are used to having a couple of drinks, mixed with Etizolam, this small amount can become both toxic and hazardous to one’s health.
  • This deadly combination can lead to a number of dangerous and poor choices that may have long-term or even fatal effects on the user.
  • The risk of accident while operating a vehicle is highly increased when the two are mixed, as just a couple of drinks can have an enormous effect on one’s cognitive functioning when mixed with this drug.
  • Etizolam can also lead to substance overdose and can cause users to end up in the hospital, or even dead. Researchers and users both often recommend avoiding any mixture of this highly addictive medication with even small amounts of alcohol.

Need Help?

If you have a friend or loved one who is struggling with drinking by itself, and you fear may also be using Etizolam, it is highly recommended to assist them in searching for and receiving the correct treatment. The harsh effects that this substance has on your physiological state when being infused with alcohol are far too risky to allow a loved one to be subject to.

With the correct treatment and help, these individuals can not only be assisted with any substance abuse problems they may struggle with, but can also receive the help they need with the difficult task of giving up drinking altogether. Although it is popularly accepted among our culture, drinking can be hazardous to one’s health in a number of ways, especially when mixed with prescription or illegal, illicit drugs.

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