Etizolam vs Xanax: Remedy To Anxiety

Etizolam is a medicine that is used to treat anxiety therefore categorized as an anti-anxiety medicine.Xanax is a benzodiazepine that affects the chemicals in the brain that tend to be unbalanced when one experiences anxiety.they all have a common thing which is, they are all used to treat anxiety.Xanax is not used exclusively for anxiety but also the management of depressive states.Etizolam is used for anxiety and insomnia issues in the body and You can Buy Etizolam Online.This advantage makes them be recommended highly by medical practitioners, but they also have side effects that come with their long-term use.Both drugs are classified under the benzodiazepine class of drugs, and in this class, etizolam is the most abused drug as it readily available and for the fact that one can easily become dependent to the drug with the long-term use of it.

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Etizolam dosage

Etizolam is a drug that has mild side effects if the dosage levels are not observed.The dosage for etizolam is 3milligrams per day for adults.Medical practitioners recommend that in case one has missed a dose of the drug they should take the medication immediately they have remembered that they have missed the pill to avoid the effects caused by the missing of the drug.An overdose of etizolam is considered when a child takes the dosage of an adult, or even an older adult takes a dosage of an adult.Children should take half the dosage of an adult which is 1.5mg per day.An overdose of the drug should be reported to a doctor as severe side effects will be faced.The side effects of the drug when overdose will include fainting, drowsiness and decreased heartbeat rate.

Xanax dosage

The dosage of Xanax varies with the level of anxiety that one has.It is recommended that the higher the anxiety, the higher the level of dosage for Xanax one takes. The standard Xanax dosage is 4mg per day for an adult.If the patient experiences more significant anxiety attacks and even panic disorders the doctor increases the level of the dosage with a lot of caution due to the advanced side effects that come with the usage of the drug.For a patient with more panic attacks the dosage is relatively spread for 3months then a gradual reduction is introduced.An overdose of Xanax is considered when one takes the drug without a prescription and takes it more than 4mg per day and more than half the dosage of an adult for children and the elderly persons.

When Not To Use

Both etizolam and Xanax should not be used when one has an allergic condition of the body which will, in turn, lead to advanced side effects in the body like reduced heartbeat rate that causes on to faint more often and also breathing difficulties of the body.

Side Effects

what are the major and minor side effects of etizolam?

Etizolam has both major and minor side effects to the body.The minor side effects of etizolam are sleepiness, drowsiness, muscle weakness, confusion, stomach discomfort and pain, headache and memory problems. Etizolam has major effects that include excessive salivation.This happens when the part of the brain that controls salivation and release of saliva by the salivary glands experiences an imbalance leading to excessive salivation and uncontrolled salivation.A severe shaking of legs and arms is another major side effect of etizolam.this happens when one misses a dosage of etizolam, and the body fails to control the balance of the body parts.The reason as to why one is recommended to take the drug immediately he remembers that he has missed the dosage is because of the shaking that comes with missing the dosage. This side effect is also faced when one becomes dependant on the drug and does not have access to the drug when he needs it.It is the reason as to why you are recommended to take etizolam at certain periods with its standards measures.

Visual disturbances are another side effect of etizolam, and it comes as the user tends to get some imbalances in the brain.Fainting is another major side effect of etizolam, and it comes as the central nervous system is affected by long-term use of the drug.The body experiences a lot of strain, and the brain cannot hold the strain. Therefore, one ends up fainting, and this leads to even uncontrolled urination patterns.The side effect of uncontrolled urination pattern is that the body cannot regulate the balance of water in the body and most of it ends up being excreted in urine.At times one may face urinary retention though it is not that a common side effect.Change in the libido and tremors is also another major side effect of etizolam.slurred speech is an advanced side effect of etizolam, and this comes as the tongue becomes heavy and also there is excess saliva in the mouth, and this leads to the slurred speech.

Etizolam vs Xanax

What are the major and minor side effects of Xanax?

The minor side effects of Xanax are, sleepiness and unusual drowsiness, forgetfulness, memory loss, lack of appetite, feeling sad and lack of interest in almost everything that one can be interested in. The major side effects of Xanax include difficulty with coordination.the patient tends to fail to coordinate his body, and this majorly begins with the central nervous system been affected.the patient tends to face difficulties in coordinating parts like hands and legs, and this becomes even difficulty in walking and leads to an impairment.The side effect is faced when one is reduced from the dosage that he was used to in an un medical manner.Also when one faces an overdose for a continued period it leads to failure of coordinating body parts.hallucination is another major side effect that the patient or the user might face while using the Xanax.The user tends to see or hear things that do not exist and even experience panic attacks more often when the hallucinations kick in.The muscle tends to face a series of reactions in the body. They tend to become stiff, cramped, aching and weak in general.This means that the user cannot be involved in a series of strains activities of the body.

The urinary system of the user is affected, and the user starts to produce dark urine and also a decrease in the amount of urine that they produce.He faces urine retention often and also a lot of pain when urinating.The patient tends to experience increased nightmare due to the frequent hallucination that they experience.The user tends to have a series of attacks that are out of control, and they tend to be involved in actions of assault and force.Another significant effect is that they tend to experience chest pain then fast breathing that finally leads to the patient fainting and even most of the times losing memory.The final side effect that the patient faces is the frequent cold and chills that they meet and that they tend to have numb feet hands and even around the mouth.


Both etizolam and Xanax tend to work in a way that they send impulses to the brain part that is concerned with relaxation.They in turn cause on to have a relaxed body and can sleep with little or no effects of insomnia. Etizolam has been accepted by many states in the world and tend s to be sold in pharmaceuticals in the countries.In Japan, however, Xanax is a drug that is abused and the government there is working on banning the usage of the drug.Both drugs tend to have an onset of reaction after thirty minutes of taking, and the drugs will have their effects run like six to eight hours of a day.The duration time that the drug will last will highly depend on the length of sleep and also how uninterrupted the rest is.

Both etizolam and Xanax can be taken with or without food as prescribed by the doctor.The more significant effect is felt when one take s the drugs with alcohol.The more reason as to why the doctors specify that it should not be taken with alcohol because it will set in more hallucinations than cause a decrease in anxiety in the body.

They come as tablets and are taken orally some persons may take it with food while others may not.How to take them depends on the prescription given by the doctor.It is critical to note that both drugs are prescribed by doctors when need be but are among the drugs that are most abused in most states in the world.This means that the drugs can be abused when taken without a prescription and that they should be strictly under prescription for a specified period then avoided after that.

it is critical to state that they are of good use when used for right purposes.

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