How to take Etizolam Liquid ?

If you are taking Etizolam in liquid there are many ways you can try it, unlike the pills that can only be taken orally. Also Etizolam liquid begins to take effect more quickly compared to the pills that begin to take effect within fifty minutes.
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Here is how you can take Etizolam Liquid: 

  1. Making your own Etizolam Liquid

If you are making your Etizolam liquid, you can mix it with a liquid usually an ethanol-based fluid. Water cannot be used to mix benzodiazepine because it will not mix properly. Then you can use a dropper to put the Etizolam liquid under your tongue or on your tongue. Some people do not like the Etizolam liquid on their tongue and so they place it under their tongue to swallow. You can also use a syringe without a needle if you cannot get a dropper. The type of syringe to use is the type used to take insulin in very little quantity. 

  1. Getting Etizolam liquid

If you buy the Etizolam liquid, you may find it difficult to adjust to the taste of the ethanol-based glycol. After taking the drug you can use a drink to wash it down get the taste of the ethanol-based glycol off your mouth. 

  1. Using sweets

Another way to take the Etizolam liquid is to add a sweetener to it. You can put drops of the recommended dosage on top of some candies and eat to get the bad taste off. 

  1. Adding to drinks

Another way you can take Etizolam liquid is by inserting the dosage in a drink. However, this process may slow down the time it would take for the drug to take effect. You should not add Etizolam liquid to hot or cold drinks because it reduces the strength of the drug. 

  1. Adding Etizolam liquid to a food

You can also take the drug in your food but you have to avoid putting it in hot or cold food. The effect of the drug will also be delayed when combining it with food. 

  1. Vaping the Etizolam Liquid

This is another way to take the Etizolam liquid. It can be mixed with any of the Vape flavors in the market to disguise the taste of the ethanol-based glycol. 


Where can you buy Etizolam?

Many countries all over the world have placed restrictions on using the Etizolam drug and it is unlikely for you to get it without a prescription from a doctor. Only very few companies are also allowed to produce and distribute this drug as a measure for government to control the circulation of the drug. Also, another challenge is that there are also a lot of fake drugs claiming to be Etizolam.

If you plan on getting Etizolam without a doctor’s prescription, the only option may be to go on the street to look for people who are selling it illegally. In the United Kingdom, the drug is strictly prohibited and cannot be purchased with or without prescription. There is also a penalty for people who are caused in possession of it. 

Precautions to take before using Etizolam

Pregnant women should not take this drug because it would have a negative effect on both mother and child. If a pregnant woman is experiencing anxiety problems or insomnia, it is better to consult a doctor.

Also when taking Etizolam, it is advisable to stay in one place or resign yourself to bed to avoid cause harm to yourself and to others.

Etizolam is a drug classified under benzodiazepine. It is usually prescribed to manage problems like anxiety and brain disorders. This drug has been tested several times by researchers trying to figure out everything about it. Though this drug has a lot of benefits when used in the right way, there is always a chance it can be abused. Etizolam can be taken in form of pills, in liquid form and also as a powder.

A lot of people tend to abuse this drug and will take it just for fun even if they don’t need it. 

Benefits of using Etizolam

Here are some of the benefits of using this drug: 

– Treatment of anxiety issues

Etizolam helps to calm the nerves. It works as an antidepressant. When people seem worked up about a lot of things, Etizolam is usually recommended to calm their nerves. 

– Helping with sleeplessness

When people have a problem with insomnia, they can take Etizolam to make them feel relaxed. Eventually, they get to sleep well but the problem, however, is when sometimes some people end up sleep more than they expected. Imagine missing an interview because you overslept as a result of taking Etizolam. 

– Works as a pain relief

Though taking Etizolam as a pain relief is not usually recommended, it actually relieves pain within 30 minutes. Studies have shown that when Etizolam is combined with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, it can help in treating tension-type headaches. 

– It helps with the treatment of Vertigo

Etizolam reduces the feeling of dizziness caused by vertigo and relieves patients of vertigo by improving their body functions and lightens up their mood.

   – Aids in the treatment of nerve-related diseases

This drug helps to manage patients with epilepsy. When they take Etizolam, it reduces the occurrence of their seizures. 

Side Effects of Using Etizolam

Despite the fact that Etizolam has proven useful in the treatment of various disorders, it also comes with its own side effects. The side effects could be either short term or long term.

The short-term side effects include:

– Drowsiness

– Skin irritation

– Diarrhea

– Weight gain

– Loss of appetite

– Slurred speech

– Constipation

– Physical Euphoria

– Headaches

– Blepharospasms (contraction of the eyelid)

These side effects usually wear off within a short period of time but sometimes they may continue. It is usually advisable to stop the medication immediately when this happens. If Etizolam was recommended to you by a doctor, you should immediately consult your doctor.

The long-term side effect includes: 

  1. Addiction

The long-term side effects arise when patients continue to use this drug over a long period of time. They become addicted to the drug and will end up being dependent on it for the rest of their lives. The problem with this, however, is that they would be unable to function actively if they don’t take Etizolam. 

  1. Suppression of emotions

Etizolam can cause a person to lose their emotions. Caring people will all of a sudden change and start to care less. At a certain point, they completely lose any form of emotion that makes them human. 

  1. Withdrawal

People who are addicted to Etizolam usually show symptoms of withdrawal and they can be gone for days or weeks 

  1. Amnesia

While overdosing on Etizolam, patients gradually develop amnesia. They begin to experience blackouts which are usually very unpredictable and can put them in danger.

How do you know the right dosage to use?

One of the major challenges with taking this drug is that there is no specific dosage that is stipulated for people to take. The reason is that most times the dosage is usually prescribed by doctors based on the condition of the patient’s anxiety disorder and also how often they lack sleep. Another reason is doctors refuse to prescribe dosages so that the patients don’t get addicted to the drug eventually. For people who are using Etizolam for the first time, it is usually recommended for them to take between 0.5mg and 2mg. It is advisable not to increase the dosage because the effect of the drug begins to show fifty minutes after it is taken and can last for up to 7 hours. 


If you decide to start taking Etizolam liquid, you have to be careful with the type of things you take along with it. If it is mixed with alcohol or any depressants, it can cause serious health problems.

Whenever Etizolam is taken, it is usually advisable for one to avoid doing any heavy work or handling any sort of machine at the time. It would be putting you in a lot of risks because the drug has the ability to impair a person’s thinking. Also, people who are using this drug for the first time are expected to take in little dosage to enable the body to adjust to the effects of the drugs before thinking of increasing the dosage. This drug is good for anxiety disorders and other mental disorders but when abused can pose a danger to a person’s health.

There have been reports where people using Etizolam commit suicide without their families knowing it was the effect of overdosing of Etizolam. In most cases, when the an overdose of the drug is taken, it affects the mind of the person making them a danger to themselves and to others around them.

Whenever you begin to notice any of the side effects it is better to discontinue and consult your doctor immediately to prevent any harm caused. It is important to always remember that the drug was made to make lives better and not to destroy a person’s life. It should be taken the proper way without any abuse.

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