Etizolam High: Side Effects, Dosage and Positive Effects

Etizolam is a benzodiazepine analog that has been used to treat people with a number of different medical conditions. This medication has been used to treat people that are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks. This medication can also help people that are suffering from depression. It is considered to be a depressant and will help the muscles relax as well. This medication can be purchased online but should be used under a doctor’s care. People have reported a feeling of euphoria from using Etizolam and an Etizolam high.
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Positive Effects

Many people take Etizolam to help them with a number of troubling issues and the pressure of daily life. This medication has been shown to help people that are suffering from anxiety. It can help a person reduce the feelings of anxiety. It can also help people that are suffering room a panic disorder. This medication can lead to feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and even a feeling of drowsiness. The feeling of high is a little more intense than other medications. People take this medication to help them relax and to escape the daunting tasks of daily life. If they take it correctly they will be able to relax and enjoy a feeling of being high.


When a person is looking to take Etizolam or feelings of being high or in order to relax there is a recommended dosage guideline that they need to follow. The typical dosage is between 0.5 and 1mg. If a person is looking to take this medication in order to relax this is all they are going to need. If a person is using this medication in order to achieve a feeling of getting high they may take up to 2mg at a time. For a first time user, this amount may put them to sleep. It is not recommended to take more than 2mg of Etizolam per dose. Some people may be able to tolerate more or less of this medication. When it comes to dosing it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional to make sure this is used safely and correctly.

 User Experience

While every user experience will be slightly different there are some things that a user can expect from this supplement. A person will notice that they have a reduce the feeling of stress but they may feel a little “spacey” for the first couple of uses. A person may also have a feeling of highness. Many people use it on days when they are feeling stressed or they just need to relax and sleep.

Etizolam High and its effects

 Where to Purchase Etizolam

This medication can be found on a number of website and you buy etizolam online easily. There are some sites in the United States that are able to legally sell this medication. In some cases a person may have to go to a foreign site and have it shipped to their home. There are a number of scammers out there that sell a fake product. Before making a purchase it is important to make sure the website is reliable and valid. Site such as reddit can have a list of vendors that are reliable and will provide a person with the real product. Some sites will only accept payments through Bitcoins while other payments will accept all major credit cards. It is recommended to shop with vendors that accept Visa and other major credit cards because there is a reduced chance of being scammed. Some o the best places to purchase Etizolam over the internet are at the sotes OhMod Chemical Research out o the United States as well as Domestic RC that is also out of the United States. Etizolab is a non US company but it has been reputable.


Etizolam is taken as an oral medication and is quickly absorbed by the body. A person can begin to feel the effects of this medication in as little as 30 minutes. It can take some people up to two hours to feel the full effects. Once a person has achieved the feeling of being “high” they can expect this to last or around 3.5 hours before the feeling goes away. This medication is quickly metabolized by the body and that is one reason why the feeling does not last as long. In addition to the feeling of being high many people use this as a sleeping medication. It is also to relax the body so that a person can fall asleep. Those that do use it for sleeping purposes are able to fall asleep faster and they do not wake up as many times during the night. While there are no changes in deep sleeping patterns they may be a reduction in REM sleep.

 Legal Status

While Etizolam is used all over the world there are only some countries that it is legal to use this medication. In Germany, the use is controlled as well as in Denmark. In Japan this medication is also known by the name Depas. The use of this medication is monitored and restricted. In the United Kingdom is known medication is known as a Class C drug. It has been on the Misuse of Drugs Act since 1971 and the usage is carefully monitored by the government. In the United States, Etizolam is not authorized or use by the FDA. It is unscheduled and has been made legal or research purposes at this time. There are some states that considered this to be a controlled substance but this does not apply to the entire country.

 Side Effects

While many people take Etizolam to get a feeling of sedation they need to be aware of some side effects. Some of the more common side effects including a feeling of being drowsy and dizziness. This medication has been shown to help a person go to sleep so it is advised that they do not drive or operate heavy machinery when they are using this medication. People that use this supplement also have a decreased attention span and trouble focusing on a given task. People have reported impaired coordination and if they try to walk a distance they may fall. This has the potential to lead to injuries. Men may experience a decrease in their libido and may have trouble getting an erection. Other people may have a feeling of apathy while they are using Etizolam. If a person is not having a pleasant experience while they are using Etizolam they should have a cup of coffee. The caffeine from the coffee can help decrease these feelings.

 Long Term Effects

If a person takes a reasonable dosage and follows the recommendation of their doctor they should not experience any long term side effects or issues with this medication. If Etizolam is not used property there may be some long term side effects that a person may experience. Some of the long term side effects there were reported was loss of sex drive. There were other people that developed social phobias as well feelings of stress and depression. Some people lost the ability to have pleasurable feelings. Not everyone will experience these long term side effects. Most people will be fine but they should be educated about what can happen to them with long term use.

 Withdrawal Symptoms

I f a person stops using Etizolam or the drastically reduce the amount they are taking they may experience withdrawal symptoms for a period of up to three weeks. The best way to prevent the withdrawal symptoms are to take the medication as prescribed and to slowly discontinue usages and not stop using this medication suddenly. Some of the withdrawal symptoms may include trouble falling asleep, discomfort in the stomach, tremors, anxiety, and a feeling of agitation. Some other side effect may include irritability and sweating. If a person wants to discontinue usage they should do so under the supervision of a doctor.


Etizolam is similar to other benzodiazepine drugs that people are more familiar with. This supplement has effects that are similar to Valium or Klonopin. This supplement will have an effect on the central nervous system and is classified as a depressant. This medication can also give a person the feeling of being high or very relaxed.


Etizolam comes in the form of a pill and is taken orally. Most of the pills are blue in color. When a person is getting Etizolam is powered form it will be a white powder. There are some cases when it is found on a blotter paper and the paper is placed under the tongue and should be allowed to dissolve. Most often the form that is recommended by doctors is the supplement form.

Etizolam can be used to help a person relax, go to sleep, and get the feeling of being high. This medication is highly addictive so a person should follow the dosage guideline very carefully. When taken correctly Etizolam can help a person relax and help treat their depression and social anxiety.

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