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There are various ways to buy etizolam:

    • Online from both legal vendors and ethnobotanical websites
    • Offline from your local head shop

Ordering online can be more convenient to just have etizolam delivered to your doorstep, and can also provide you with better quality products than those that you would find in head shops. However, with brick and mortar vendors, you do have the opportunity to see the product in front of you and talk to the people working in the establishment to learn more about it.

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What To Look For In Trusted Etizolam Vendor?

When you’re buying etizolam, you should only do this from trusted sources. This is true for both online and offline sources, and there are several things to look for. There are several brands of etizolam available which are notable for their purity and trustworthiness, and it’s advisable to choose these options over less legitimate sources.

Buy Etizolam USA, UK, EU

There are a number of websites offering etizolam, and it’s very important to buy it only from a trusted supplier. There is no dearth of sites, but you need to find a supplier which is knowledgeable about their products and also only stocks legitimate ones. As such, it’s not advisable to go onto darknet markets and look for etizolam there when there are better options available with much less work.

As it’s quite easy to find a number of etizolam vendors online, and poring through the search results can be an onerous task. Two sites that really stand out are Etizy and EtizoLab for their quality products and straightforward layouts.

Etizy offers:

  • Etizest, Etilaam, and Etilee branded etizolam in tablet form
  • A number of payment options including credit and debit cards, Bitcoins, money orders, bank deposits, and wire transfers.
  • Live support chat
  • All orders placed before 1:30 PM PST are shipped on the same day.
  • Users also have the option of having instant order updates sent to their phone. EtizoLab offers:
  • Etizest, Etilaam, and Etizex – only three brands, but these are the most trusted in the industry and their purity is guaranteed.
  • Global delivery with guaranteed delivery, and will refund your money if you don’t get your shipment.

However, their drawbacks are that EtizoLab only accepts MasterCard (with links to places where you can get a prepaid virtual MasterCard if you don’t have one) and Bitcoins, and that there’s not a lot of variety in the selection that they offer (this is arguably a benefit though – being specialised in only three products of the highest quality can definitely be a very good thing).

What forms can I buy etizolam?

Etizolam generally comes packaged, in either 1 or 2-milligram tablets, but some vendors do sell it outside of the packaging. Theoretically, it can also be bought in powder form, although this does not seem to be the best option for consumers unless they are absolutely sure of the source that they are obtaining it from. A similar degree of caution should be shown towards buying the tablets outside of the packaging, because it brings the authenticity of the product into question.

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What are best types of Etizolam?

There are several commercially-available brands of etizolam. These include:

It’s best to stick with one of these, rather than risking it with some mysterious white powder, unless you’re a chemist who has no other use for etizolam than looking at its chemical compounds or testing random samples of etizolam for purity. Etilaam and Etizest seem to be the most popular brands, so for research users not doing comparative studies, these are the best choices on the market.

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How exactly does Etizolam work?

Etizolam works by binding to the benzodiazepine receptors and magnifies the efficiency of the GABA neurotransmitter. This results in sedative or calming effects because GABA receptors are the most prolific inhibitory receptors in the human brain.

Physical Effects of etizolam:

  •  Sedation
  • Feelings of physical euphoria
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Dizziness
  • Motor control loss
  • At higher levels, etizolam can be extremely sedative and induce an extremely lethargic state.

Cognitive effects:

  •  Anxiety suppression thought deceleration
  • cognitive euphoria
  •  emotion suppression
  • amnesia
  • Disinhibition among other things.

How to use etizolam?

Etizolam should be administered orally, and should not be combined with alcohol, opiates, or other depressants. It can also be administered under the tongue or rectally, though the latter administration seems relatively uncommon.


  • DO NOT take large doses of etizolam along with opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, alcohol, or other depressants as the consequences can be fatal. It’s also important to consider that etizolam can potentially be abused – cases of etizolam dependence do exist and have been documented in the medical literature.
  • Etizolam is extremely addictive, both physically and psychologically. However, beyond a tolerance to the sedative-hypnotic effects of etizolam which develops within a few days, there is no similar pattern with its anti-anxiety and anticonvulsant effects.
  • Another important thing to note is that etizolam is not a drug which is to suddenly be stopped or started – typically doses are tapered in countries where it is used medically because there are withdrawal symptoms associated with abrupt or rapid withdrawal from etizolam. Withdrawal symptoms can include rebound insomnia, as well as a return of anxiety, so it’s very important to be careful with etizolam and use it only for its intended purposes.
  • DO NOT abruptly cease using etizolam after several weeks or more of steady dosage, as there are both withdrawal and rebound symptoms associated with this. If you are regularly using etizolam, you must taper your dose over the period of weeks rather than simply ceasing its usage.
  • Signs of overdose include thought deceleration, lethargy, slurred speech, confusion, delusions, respiratory depression, and more severe effects such as coma or death have been noted in some cases. Overdoses can be treated effectively with favorable outcomes in a hospital environment.
  • Etizolam has a low toxicity relative to its dose and thus is not dangerous if taken in small doses without depressants such as alcohol or opioids. It is recommended that one uses harm reduction practices while using etizolam, as not doing so can be dangerous.

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Buy Etizolam In USA

Etizolam is legal for research purposes in the USA, although it is not authorized by the FDA for medical use. It is an unscheduled drug in the United States, and most states do not list it as a controlled substance; however, etizolam is a controlled substance in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia. Outside of the US, Etizolam has an EU marketing authorization, and is available in many countries (sometimes as a prescription-only drug, sometimes available over-the-counter). While it’s not licensed for medical use in the United States, some countries do not take the same stance.

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