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What is Bluekem all about?

A couple of months past, Reddit and other such forums online were abuzz with discussing a site called Bluekem, which, if you read the threads—or even Googled the name—you’ll come up with a less than positive image of what the site is all about. There has been controversy surrounding the vendor called which was involved in distributing a product called etizolam to the general public.
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Etizolam is a tested antibiotic medication that is utilized for treatment of anxiety disorder. The medication is quite efficient in providing positive results for those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and other related problems—it’s a no-brainer the product is in high demand on the market. Etizolam is generally an antidepressant, and like other new medications of this kind, the issue of it being legal for public distribution isn’t exactly clear. This means you’ll probably not smell any of it in a physical store; the only place you can purchase etizolam reliably is online. was one of the new but well known online stores which distributed etizolam at a relatively higher price than other vendors but offering faster services plus a guaranteed free shipping.

The controversy

The controversy surrounding Bluekem is primarily tied to their inability to deliver on placed orders, delivering products later than promised, lack of communication and not long after, clandestine take off.

Well, Bluekem did start off on a sure footing. However, things went south pretty fast. According to a ripoff report filed on by a disgruntled customer, Bluekem scammed him out of his hard-earned cash. Apparently, the customer placed an order which was to arrive the next day but never materialized. Try as the customer might he could get neither the product nor his money back as Bluekem cut off communication altogether. It goes to say that being unable to get hold of someone who has your money, and who does not seem to be in a hurry to finish their end of the deal, pretty much sounds like a rip-off.

Unfortunately, many other disgruntled customers who parted with their money never to see it again, or the product it was meant to buy, followed suit and hit online forums to address their grievances.

Is a scamming site?

Is Bluekem a scamming site? Did they rip people off mercilessly and hit the exit? There is no clear-cut answer to those questions as we shall see. Of course, after the scandal and bad reviews, the site wrapped up and disappeared. You can say that was expected; it doesn’t exactly turn them into scammers as they tried to resolve as much of the difficulties as they could considering the circumstances they were in. Did people lose their money trying to purchase etizolam from this vendor? They definitely did. Knowing these will probably leave you stack in the mud, not sure what to believe.

Unless you know all you need to know, you’ll probably ask yourself, what was the motive behind the clandestine events which led to the exit of Bleukem? Here is what scam advisor says about this site:

The shop is down. The organization behind the website goes by the handle The Endurance International Group, Inc. The website’s location is Canada, but the owner’s country is hidden.

Detailed analysis: 

Concealed Identity. According to scam advisor’s probing, the website’s owner seemed to be utilizing a service to keep their identity hidden. Well, this can be considered a red flag, however, keeping one’s identity hidden is not entirely dishonest as many reputable sites do it to safeguard from spammers. Still, scammers also appreciate this technique as it helps them keep their identity secret.

Relatively new site. The website has been around less than six months, and like many new websites, it does not have much of a proven track record yet which means proceeding with caution is certainly advisable.

Unknown location. One other factor to consider is that the website does not have a definite location; it seems to be located in Canada. However, other countries also seem to be involved.

The one question that probably lingers in people’s minds is, is trustworthy? Well, the site is no longer around anymore, but for this review, I would say not. Trust is a two-way channel especially in commerce and if that becomes difficult to honor the entire foundation crumbles as was the case with

The new

Bluekem made a resolute comeback with pretty much the same name—probably trying to say they have nothing to hide and that whatever happened was just a huge, unfortunate misunderstanding. Well, as much as whatever happened did happen, the vendor is up and running under the new handle and so far so good.

Under the new banner, Bluekem research does not seem to possess the fortunes of the ill-fated original site, customers are well pleased with their services and are leaving behind good reviews.

What went down?

So what exactly made a seemingly genuine and growing business go down so fast? Is it because it was just a scamming site bidding its time to do the inevitable? If so why go through the trouble of looking legit and making a steady profit with the potential to grow big, only to bundle up whatever little you’ve made and hit the exit door? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Here is what went down with the original Bluekem site. Bluekem was primarily accepting credit card for their orders; it made the transactions fast and efficient. They wanted to capitalize on fast services and market themselves as a same day shipping vendor. This is probably the case as they had also guaranteed free shipping to their customers. However, as the site owner reports, there was a problem with his credit card processor which did not end well. The lack of access to the processed orders is what made it almost impossible to automatically refund customers their money for the orders which were already in place. Bluekem also ended up losing their domain, which pretty much killed all hope for those who did not get their orders. This sounds like a series of unfortunate events plaguing a somewhat genuine business person.

Detailed analysis of Bluekem

What steps did Bluekem take?

Many forum reviews will quickly label the person behind Bluekem as a con artist out to prey on unsuspecting customers. However, a genuine review has to consider the steps the vendor undertook to rectify or at least pacify the situation, the opposite of which is what scammers do. A rip-off site certainly does not care about making the contacts for their new site available to address complaints.

Three crucial steps Bluekem took to rectify the situation:

Indiscriminate chargebacks: even though the site was down, the owner left everything as it was to make simplify customer chargebacks. He also did not dispute any chargeback as he had no access to the order transaction history which means he incurred losses in the process. As he was more than willing to remedy the circumstance. This is the very opposite of what a scammer would do; customers money would be safely moved into the recesses of the dark web long before the site was down.

Incentives: Bluekem cares about making good with its previous disgruntled customers. They currently offer refunds or add a little bit more goodies to the problematic orders to remedy the strained relationship. Plus they still offer free shipping.

Open contacts: Bluekem has also made it easy to reach them via their new website which anyone can easily find while searching for the old site (because of the same name). They are also free discus previous issues to reach a viable solution.

Will suffer the same fate?

Is the new going to end up just like the first? That’s a good question a warry customer may ask. The answer is, it might, considering there is nothing definite about online transactions; anything can happen. Even major stores like Amazon could crumble in a day, all it takes is one wrong move. That out of the way, the likelihood of the second site meeting the same fate as the first is considerably remote. has long since taken measures to navigate clear of the problems which plagued the original site. The main issue was a transaction medium. Currently, they only accept Bitcoin which is way more secure than a credit card. They also accept cash through the mail.


Although what happened with Bluekem was downright unfortunate, one cannot say that the site deliberately swindled its customers. The new site is trying to do better now by also taking onboard the burdens of the previous store; this move evidently targets to restore trust and make amends. If the customer reviews on the new website are anything to go by, you can say that the new Bluekem is a genuine provider or at least it’s trying to be.


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