All You Need to Know About Clonazolam and Etizolam

What is Clonazolam?

It is also known as Clonitrazolam, it is a drug when used by any patient produces result a such as sedative, muscle relaxation, anticonvulsant, amnestic and many other related results. This is some of the reason why this drug has been generally accepted by many individuals who wants to deal with some of the above mentioned problems. Having been introduced in the market in the 1971, this drug has really been used quite effectively with a larger population. Some of the diseases that can be dealt with by Clonazolam are as indicated below:
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Some of the benefits of Clonazolam

Anxiety: it is a very quick way to treat a patient who is suffering from anxiety as it relaxes them with a matter of minutes. As soon a s the individual takes the Clonazolam pallets they feel very comfortable in a short while.

Panic Attacks: very ideal for patients that suffer from what is known as prevalent panic assaults. Even though this might not be considered as a long term remedy it works very well as a quick fix in case of the attacks.

Lack of Sleep: they say that sleep is a good as any rest and the human body need to rest in order to function better. I order for one to have a sound night sleep it is advisable to take Clonazolam as it will fix the problem of waking up at night because you lack sleep every more often. This will enable that patient to have the eight hours sleep that is recommended. The use of this drug has been seen to produce excellent result for most of the individuals who have difficulty in sleeping.

Reduces Stress: this drug has been known to have the ability to not only reduce the stress that we undergo from out daily challenges but also at the same time relaxes the body. The demands of the life can make one feel more stress than necessary and when this happens then Clonazolam is the quick remedy for it.

How does Clonazolam works?

The fact that this drug is in the same family as any other benzodiazepines means that they have various effects on the body. It is a generic form of a brand of drugs that is known as Klonopin. It works by moderating the movement of the brains signal this in the long run take charge of the brain functions.

This drug is still a controlled substance in the states. This is so because there is a very high chance of the users of this medication to abuse the same and become dependent in the long run. That is why the government has taken the initiative to control the how and when this medication is administered to the patients.

What is Etizolam?

Despite the fact that this research chemical drug being there for so many decades, it has recently been acknowledged by so many as the one effective way to be used as a recreational drug. it is best to know that it is a pharmaceutical drug that belongs to the chemical family that is known as Thienodiazepines. It works just the same way as the drugs that produces psychoactive effects in the human body. It originated from Japan in the 1980’s and id now available in the States but still unscheduled at the federal level.

How does it work?

Just like any other benzodiazepines it influences the brain by controlling the communication between the brains cells and in the end reduces the major activities in the brain. This is because the reason why one is anxious is because there is too much activity in the brain and that is why one ends up overthinking and stressing themselves up.

When Etizolam is take the results will be notices within thirty minute to two hours after consumption. The effects of the drug will last for some hours in the body this is because it has a biological half-life of about 4 hours.

The individuals who take this drug end up being so sleepy or have very nice sleep for a longer period of time.

benefits of Etizolam

What are some of the benefits of Etizolam?

Reduces anxiety: this pharmaceutical drug is known for the ability to reduce anxiety to the patients. You will realize that Etizolam produces an anti-depressant solution that is far much greater than most of the other available drugs. This, in the end, will help the patient in taking care of the anxiety that they have every time during their daily activities.

Muscle Relaxation: this drug has the effects that relaxes the muscle. That is because of the thienodiazepines content in the drug. That is why Etizolam is much more popular with individuals who are known to duffer from spasms, muscle stiffness and also pain.

Blood Pressure: individuals or patient who have the problem of high blood pressure might find this drug very effective as it has the ability to deal with the problem. The high blood pressure is one of the common disease that has been witnessed in the resent year and this is one of the quick fix to handle such scenarios.

Panic Disorder: there are several ways that one is advised to handle the issue of panic disorder and one of the most preferred method is the use of Etizolam to take care of the problem in a much quicker and easy way available just like any other drugs only very effective.

Others: Other direct effects that can be associated with the use of this drug are, relation, the feeling of lees inhibited and sedation or drowsiness most of the time.

Comparison between Etizolam vs Clonazolam

When you are comparing the two medication indicated above you will have to look at the similarities and the difference between them. One thing that makes this drug so easy to compare is the fact that they belong to one family of benzodiazepines, that is very well known for the sedation effects. This is so because the drugs slow down the heart rate and breathing pattern.


They both drugs are from the same family of benzodiazepines

Both take care of anxiety as well as panic attacks

Calm the body and helps in sleep disorders



  • when taken in the right dosage both Etizolam and Clonazolam have the same effects. Etizolam as previously mentioned it not only reduces the panic and anxiety but also aids one to sleep, the required dosage for Etizolam is that it should not exceed 3-5mg on a daily basis and it should be take 0.25mg daily on a daily basis when you want to reduce anxiety and panic attack and for insomnia the patient should take 1-3mg on a daily basis.
  • The dosage for Clonazolam is absolutely dependent with the needs of the patient at that time. If the patient has symptoms of seizures, they are advised to take 0.5mg for three times in a day and allowance to increase the dosage to 1mg three times a day until the seizure reduces. In case of panic attack and anxiety the patient is advised to take 0.25mg twice on a daily basis.


  • Clonazolam can be used alone or as an ingredient with other medication. It is a prescription drug that is locally available and accessed easily by he several doctors
  • Etizolam on the other hand are not easily available locally but only through online distributors. This is because it does not have the approval of the FDA in the states.
  • Clonazolam is widely used by a good number to treat epilepsy and at the same time used effectively to take care of the panic attack, anxiety and insomnia in some cases. The only major difference with Etizolam is that Clonazolam has a very high chance of dependence and that is why it is advisable that a patient should only be prescribed this drugs under the supervision of a doctor who is the best chance when it comes to withdrawal from the drug. Note that this should be done gradually.
  • As for Etizolam users there is no issue whatsoever when it comes to withdrawal as there is no chance that they will become dependent to the drug. This is because Etizolam unlike the other drugs that contain benzodiazepines has no chance whatsoever of the substances building up in the body.

Side effects

  • There are several side effects that are associated with the used of Clonazolam and some of the common ones are depression, disorientation, fatigue and at the same feeling weakness and there is a chance of increased heart rate.
  • As for the use of Etizolam the side effects that can be experienced are the drop in the blood pressure of the patient, sleepiness and at some time feeling sluggishness. As you have noted in some of this side effect might affect the normal performance of the body organ and is advised that one should not drive or handle any heavy machine until you are aware of some of the side effects that you might encounter.

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